Need a few more miles?

Your Vespa Club of America Membership is good for that, too! As a VCOA member, you have access to special pricing on Roadside Plans with expanded coverage. Upgrading your coverage is easy. Simply click the "Upgrade Now" button below and make your selection., You'll have a confirmation in minutes.

Basic 100 Roadside Coverage

Need a few more free miles to feel comfortable? Extended Roadside offers the same protection as basic but covers 100 miles of towing. You have 24/7 towing coverage in a nationwide network of providers who will take you to any service center or location you desire. The first 100 miles of your tow are free. The coverage extends to three motorcycles regardless of brand! Basic 100 coverage is $69, but as a VCOA member, you can upgrade your free Basic 25 plan for only $30 per year!

Platinum Roadside Assistance & Tire Hazard Protection

Platinum Roadside Assistance & Tire Hazard Protection provides 100 miles of free towing, free flat service, free battery service and free fluid service. But that's not all. For the first time ever in the motorcycle industry, our Platinum Roadside Assistance & Tire Hazard Protection provides for two tire replacements per year for unexpected damage - including labor! VCOA members upgrade to the Platinum plan for only $50 per year.

Upgrades take effect on the first day of the month after purchase and terms & conditions apply.